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Bike Rental service

We have a wide range of well-maintained Scooters, Motorbikes, Cruiser Bikes, and mopeds. With Rider’s safety assured, we provide repair service on the spot if needed.

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Picnic Tents for rent

All Picnic tents which we providing are very hygienic, dust and allergy-free and maintained regularly to provide maximum safety for our visitors…!

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Hotel Room Service

Hotel rooms which we providing are maintained to meet modern customer requirements. We also provide customized facilities as per the guest’s requirements

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Well Mentioned Resources

Our hotel rooms, motorbikes, picnic tents any resources we provide for rent are very hygienic and well maintained.

All Season fixed Pricing

We do not charge any extra charge on the basis of the season. our charges will be almost fixed for all 360 days.

Customer-friendly service

Our support assistance always awake to solve our customer’s problems. customer feedback and satisfaction are the most important for us…

tasty and hygienic food

We make you taste the most delicious local foods. Our food supply system is customized as per customer’s requirements.

Well trained workers

We have a team of skilled professionals for each of the services which we provide…

Safety focused environment

Customer Safety and Comfort is our first goal. we maintain the effectiveness of our resources regularly…

About Us

we provide many rental services, food supply, etc. over more than 15 years we are known as the best motorbike rental services in Gokarna. We have many happy customers all over the world.